Sponsored Challenges

Whether you want to run, cycle, trek, climb or skydive you can support us at the same time. If you want to loose weight, get fit or achieve a personal goal – you choose the challenge and we’ll help you every step of the way!

BHBR pelatonBritish 10k 2013 - Steve Aston

So don’t delay! For walking, jogging or running check out these Ultra Challenges, or join us for the British 10k. For those who enjoy a cycling challenge take a look at these cycling events. If skydiving is more your thing, or you would like to set yourself your own challenge get in touch with Lisa to discuss your idea and we can take it from there!

Read about our supporter Louise Miller who took part in the London 2 Brighton Ultra Challenge – click here.

See how Jim MacMeckan got on on his bike ride from Sutton to Lands End – click here.

Email: fundraising.surrey-ms@outlook.com or call 020 8660 1181

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