Organise your own event

Top Tips

Pamper Raffle1. Have fun – and choose a fundraising event that you will enjoy. If you’re having a good time people are more likely to join in.

2. Keep it simple The best fundraising projects are the simplest. Be realistic and cost out your event carefully. Keep a checklist so you know what needs to be done along the way.

3. Keep it legal – Keep in contact with us to ensure everything you are doing is legal.

4. Do your sums – Make sure you keep an accurate report of all financial transactions you make for your event. If possible use a separate bank account to cash money and please don’t send cash in the post.

Tandridge Fete 20115. Why are you helping us? – If you have a personal reason for supporting the Therapy Centre share it with potential supporters and the local press as it will generate more interest.

6. Choose your date carefully – Be aware of major sporting events, other local events and school holidays and work around them.

7. Tell us about it – We’d love to hear what you’re planning and can jazz up your event with posters, balloons and materials to help make your event a success.

Pamper Cake Stall8. Tell others about it – Tell your friends, family and work colleagues about what you’re up to and let your local paper and radio station know.

9. Thank everyone – Let people know how grateful we are for their support and when you know how much you have raised, tell them so they know what a valuable contribution they have made.


If you need help with ideas or what needs to be done contact Bonnita at or on 020 8660 1181


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