The 200 Club is our fundraising lottery where players have the chance of winning cash prizes each month.

You may become a member of the 200 club by completing the 200 Club Application Form and paying a minimum of £2 per month for a share in the draw.

Members may purchase as many shares as they wish. Payment for the shares is via monthly Standing Order . Each share is assigned a lottery number and these will be your PERSONAL and PERMANENT numbers for the time that you remain a member of the Club.

There are 48 prizes drawn each year including at least one major annual one. Prizes are drawn at the monthly MS Therapy Centre Trustees Meetings and winners are automatically notified each time the lottery is drawn . At least 50% of the money received is paid out in prizes. The remainder goes to MS Therapy Centre funds.

Members may join via either individual or joint bank accounts.

You can leave the Club whenever you wish – just notify us and cancel your Standing Order Instruction – but we hope you will stay with us and help the Sutton & Croydon MS Therapy Centre for many years to come.

The rules of the 200 club are shown here